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Food For Thought Take Out - Cob Salad

Every Wednesday Cobb Salad Special $8.00

We at Food For Thought say THANK YOU to our loyal customers for your support

Call by 9:30 a.m. or the day before for large orders or free delivery.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Story of the Famous Cobb Salad

Bob Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby in Hollywood invented the Cobb Salad in 1926. The story goes…

A famous movie producer was working late and got hungry so he knocked on the back door of the Brown Derby after closing hours and asked Mr. Cobb to fix him something to eat. Mr. Cobb made rows of “leftovers” on top of a plate of greens, added dressing and the Cobb Salad was created.

Our Cobb salad is nearly like the original: however, we use turkey instead of chicken and Jamaica Mistake dressing.

PS: A repeat customer had the opportunity to eat at the Brown Derby in Hollywood – he said he preferred our World Famous Cobb Salad!

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